Homeownership Thus Far + My Stain Remover Secret Weapon

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We’ve officially been homeowners for a month! Somedays it feels like we’ve lived here forever, now that we’ve settled into our new routine. Other days, it feels like we’re still in the “moving in” phase. Everyone keeps asking how it’s going and I have a standard response, “for some wild reason I thought we’d move in and everything would magically fall into place, we’d unpack all the boxes on day one, have furniture picked out for every room, and have every last detail in place within a few weeks.” Obviously I was a bit very naive about how much work this was going to be. While it is starting to feel like our home, we’ve still got a ton of work to do. Folks keep telling us it’s going to be a work in progress forever. I get that. Cheers to progress not perfection!

A few shots of said progress….

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Tuesday Ten



one // Juliet has the prettiest lettering. I’m obsessed with her prints! Ordered a bunch a few weeks back when she had a 50% off sale and will definitely be ordering more. Go check out her shop.

two // @houseofjadeinterors on Instagram. Follow.

three // Tips for throwing a party like a Southern girl. Fantastic advice.

four //  I need these immediately. How fun?!?!

five // I’m in search of a headboard for our guest room. Loving this one from OKL.

six // Annie’s living room is so cute!

seven // Testing this recipe out as soon as possible. Oh my yum.

eight // Love this tie tee from Tuckernuck.

nine // I see a haircut and color in my near future. Inspiration here.

ten // The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is still going strong. Lots of goodies still available and no more line! Sharing a few of my favorites below. Ps. They’ll be adding even more to the sale tomorrow morning at 8am! Don’t miss out, the deals are fabulous.

4 Organic Beauty Products That Should Be In Your Life

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Shortly after our wedding, Pearce and I had a bit of an epiphany and realized that a ton of the products (cleaning, beauty, medicines, etc.) we were using and foods we were eating on a daily basis had a ton of crappy chemicals in them. We quickly made some major changes in our household and have been banning the “bad stuff” little by little ever since. We’ve definitely noticed a change in our overall health because of the simple changes we made. My makeup bag was one of the last things to clean up because I had the hardest time finding affordable, organic, chemical free, products that actually worked. There are tons of natural products available these days but the tricky part is finding the products that do work. For example, I’ve tried about 6 all natural deodorants and haven’t found ONE that works well. The hunt is still on so if you know of one, please share the deets with me! Thanks to posts like this one from other bloggers, I have found a few things that I swear by! Tried and true, honest reviews are the best.

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