Friday Things No. 10

Howdy, friends. Hope y’all had the best of weeks. I’m in the middle of prepping for my girl, Catie’s bridal shower that I’m hosting tomorrow morning – and by that I mean, trying not to eat all of the delicious foods we’ll be serving, prior to our guests arrival. The struggle is real. Ps. I promise one of these days I’ll get my Friday post up at a normal hour!

one // better than flowers


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Friday Things No. 9

Praise the Lord for Fridays!! It’s been quite the week in the Fussell house and I’m READY for the weekend. You know those weeks that feel never ending? Where #allthethings happen and you just can’t seem to catch a break? Yeah, it was definitely one of those. Proof of the craziness: It’s after 8pm and my Friday blog post is just now going live. BUT despite the craziness, some pretty great things happened too. Oh and I have some big blog news to share soon(ish) with you all.

Linking up with a few of my favorite bloggers for a little Five on Friday fun…


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